14th Feb –

Parent’s Worship Day


14th Feb –

Parent’s Worship Day


14th Feb –

Parent’s Worship Day


14th Feb –

Parent’s Worship Day

Parents Worship Day on 14th February

Celebrate the pure selfless bond between children and parents on a global-level with the objective of creating a strong character and spirit of serving parents.

Begin a social awakening in every home and every human heart by celebrating true love and true valentine in its purest form. This festival draws its inspiration from the poojan of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati performed by little Ganpati.

        मातृदेवो भव | पितृदेवो भव |

Salutation to the parents, the Guru and the Lord, Numerous favours have they done to us!!

How To Celebrate

Make Parents Take A Seat

आसने स्थापिते ह्यत्र पूजार्थं भवरोरिह।
भवन्तौ संस्थितौ तातौ पूर्यतां मे मनोरथः।।

I.e. O’ My parents i have made this seat for you,please accept it and fulfil my heartfelt wish.

Apply Tilak & Offer Flowers

स्वस्ति न इन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवाः ।
स्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्ववेदाः ॥

Apply Tilak to parents’ forehead and offer garland to them.

Circumambulate Parents

यानि कानि च पापानि जन्मान्तरकृतानि च |
तानि सर्वाणि नश्यन्तु प्रदक्षिणपदे ||

Circumambulate the Parents, which is equivalent to Circumambulating the world.

Bow & Greet Parents

अभिवादनशीलस्य नित्यं वॄद्धोपसेविन:।
चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्या यशो बलम्॥

Respectfully bow and greet parents. With this you will get long life, knowledge, fame & strenghth.

Perform Aarti - Worship with lamp

ॐ जय जय मात-पिता, प्रभु गुरूजी मात-पिता ।
सद्भाव देख तुम्हारा, मस्तक झुक जाता ॥

Perform Aarti with lighted lamp & hymns of praise. Also take firm resolution to serve them lifelong.

Parents's Blessings

आयुष्मान भाव, श्रद्धावान भव,
विद्यावान भाव, ब्रह्मविद् भव

Parents shower affection and blessings – ‘May you live long’, ‘become devout & pious’, ‘become learned’, ‘knower of Bhrahm – Bhrahmaveta’.

Inspirer’s Message

My dear young people and their parents! You are born on the pious land of India. You are the descendants of farsighted rishis.
“Do celebrate the day of love (Valentine’s Day), but with self-restraint and for true development.”

O parents and their children! Love each other beholding the Lord in the other one and let your hearts be filled with Divine Joy.

मातृदेवो भव | पितृदेवो भव | कन्या देवो भव | पुत्र देवो भव ||

‘May the mother be thy God. May the father be thy God. May the little girl be thy God. May the daughter be thy God. May the son be thy God’.

Govinda (Famous Actor)

Parents Worship is very good and I think that by worshipping parents benevolence of whole world comes on you.

Kumar Sanu (Bollywood Singer)

Without serving parents no one can be successful in life, Parents Worship Day celebration is needed.

Ishant Sharma (Indian cricketer)

Ishan Sharma Taking Care for your Parents is very Nice. We should Celebrate Parents Worship Day.

Sam Thompson (Senator New Jersey USA)

Senator New Jersey USA Parents Worship is the secret behind Indian Leadership in United States Of America

Inspiring Quotes


” सभी धर्मों की एक ही पुकार, मात-पिता का करे सत्कार “